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Test #


Test CPT Codes

86828, 86830, 86831, 86832, 86833

HLA Antibody Monitoring (Pre-Transplant)

Test Type


Test Components

HLA Antibody by Luminex: HLA Antibody Screen (Class I and II) and/or HLA Antibody Identification, Reflex to Single Antigen (Class I or Class II if needed)

Test Technology


Clinical Utility


Test Specimen

Peripheral Blood:

  • (1) 10ml red top (no anticoagulant)

Storage and Stability


  • Label specimen with patient’s name, DOB, MR Number, and date/time of collection

  • Complete requisition form with required information

  • Ship samples at room temperature (do not refrigerate or freeze)


  • Specimen viability decreases with time

  • Samples are stable at ambient temperature, should be tested within 5 days of collection

Turnaround Time (TAT)

2 Business Days

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