COVID-19 Travel Testing

Travel to China

You must register prior to testing.

Test results: 24 hours*

Test price: $250 (Includes both required tests)

KSL Diagnostics has been approved for COVID-19 testing services for travel to China. If you are traveling to China, here are some things you should know about the COVID-19 testing requirements and how KSL Diagnostics can help:

  • Two (2) negative reports received within 48 hours of departure, from two (2) different labs using two (2) different methodologies, are now acceptable for China travel.

  • KSL Diagnostics and Quater Diagnostic Labs are partnering to provide this service to you.

  • You must make two (2) appointments 24 hours apart at a KSL collection site by registering on this page. We will collect two samples, one at each appointment.

  • Each sample will be sent to a different lab, as required for travel to China.

  • Both reports will be emailed to the address you provide at registration.

*24-Hour RT-PCR test results are expected to be reported within one day. In rare instances, more time may be required. Inconclusive results may require collection of a new sample. While KSL Diagnostics will make every effort to provide test results within one day, there are no guarantees and any refunds will be given at our discretion.

COVID-19 Testing for Travel to China