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Test #


Test CPT Codes

82570, 83919

Organic Acid Screen, Urine

Test Type

Organic Acid Analysis (Biochemical & Molecular Genetics)

Test Disease / Components

Organic acidemias (including but not limited to methylmalonic acidemia, propionic acidemia, and isovaleric acidemia) , amino acid disorders, urea cycle disorders, and congenital lactic acidemias

Test Technology

GC (Gas Chromatography)/ MSD (Mass Selective Detector)

Clinical Utility

Diagnostic, Monitoring

Test Specimen


  • Preferred: Random urine, no preservative in a clastic collection container

  • Acceptable: Aliquot from a 24 hour urine collection, no preservative

  • 5.0 mL urine minimum volume

Storage, Stability & Shipping


  • Refrigeration following collection


  • Transported by a local courier in a cooler with ice packs within 24 hours of collection

  • If >24 hours, specimen should be stored frozen in dry ice


  • Frozen on dry ice

Turnaround Time (TAT)

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