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Test #


Test CPT Codes

82657 x4

Disaccharide Activity Panel

Test Type

Colorimetric Enzyme Activity Assay

Test Disease / Components

Gastrointestinal dysfunction, lactose intolerance

Test Technology

Quantitative Spectrophotometry

Clinical Utility

Diagnostic, Prognostic

Test Specimen


  • Biopsies of small intestine tissue – two x 5mg intestinal/ duodenal biopsy in a polypropylene tube

Storage, Stability & Shipping


  • Freeze immediately and keep frozen


  • Specimen stable for 28 days when stored -25 to -15°C

  • Stable for 2 years at -80°C


  • Ship on dry ice, packed with enough to last 48 hours

  • Ship overnight

Turnaround Time (TAT)

72 Hours

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