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PredictSURE IBD™ is the first validated prognostic test for IBD to help you better manage your patients' CD/UC outcomes.

Towards the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time 

  • For Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients 

  • Stratify patients into high and low risk of early and frequent flares 

  • Exploit the window of opportunity at diagnosis to impact on outcomes

  • High risk patients may benefit from early aggressive therapy


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Questions & Answers

How will PredictSURE IBD™ benefit my patients?

  • PredictSURE IBD™ can identify patients who are more likely to have an aggressive or relapsing disease course.
  • In conjunction with other clinical and laboratory information, this will allow you to make an informed decision about follow-up strategies and treatment options.
  • The information you pass on to your patients, in turn, could help them better plan their lives.

What is the performance of the test?

In our studies, 91% of high-risk patients had multiple escalations. Conversely, 98% of low- risk patients did not have multiple escalations.

Which IBD patients are appropriate for the use of the test?

Because the test is validated to work on patients with active disease, we recommend the test be used on patients within 30 days of diagnosis and who have not received any steroidal treatment for at least seven days. Not for use with patients currently receiving anti-TNF or immunomodulator therapies.

Can I use the test on my pediatric patients?

The test is validated for use on patients that are 16 years and older. Studies are underway to validate the test in younger groups.

How long will it take to get the results from the test

Once your patient’s sample arrives at KSL Diagnostics, it will take 3-4 days to run the test. Select the best treatment option for your patients with PredictSURE IBD™.

What are some of the benefits of PredictSURE IBD™?

  • Provides additional information to support treatment choices for your patients
  • Understand your adult patients’ long-term prognosis from the point of diagnosis
  • Patients tested once at time of diagnosis
  • Enables your patients to plan their lives based on knowledge of likely disease activity

What are some of the features of PredictSURE IBD™?

  • Easy to run, 17-gene qPCR molecular test
  • Only 2.5ml blood sample needed
  • Sophisticated proprietary algorithm
  • Fast turnaround
  • Simple to understand, on-line reporting

Who pays for the test?

In many cases, your insurance will cover a portion of the cost of the test and you will pay the balance. As there are many and varying insurance plans now available, it is difficult to forecast what your out-of-pocket fee will be. KSL will initiate the billing and collection from you and your insurer.