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Sinclair Pharmacy

Get COVID tested at your local pharmacy. No appointment necessary, but you must register below: 




Sinclair Pharmacy

75 N Main Street

Warsaw, NY 14569

Mon–Fri, 9:30a – 3p | Closed Sat-Sun   


Sinclair Pharmacy is performing an important public health service that is much needed in our community by offering return to school or work prescription COVID-19 PCR lab testing that is fast and convenient — at no cost to the family, school, business, organization, or patient.*


We have partnered with KSL Diagnostics to get your test results back in less than 24 hours from arrival at the laboratory.* Because we have daily laboratory deliveries, this allows patients to return to school or work quickly and without undo financial burden. Other national chain pharmacies and labs send their test samples out of state, which takes 2-5 days for the test results to come back.

*24-Hour RT-PCR test results are expected to be reported within one day. In rare instances, more time may be required. Inconclusive results may require collection of a new sample. While KSL Diagnostics will make every effort to provide test results within one day, there are no guarantees and any refunds will be given at our discretion. Medically necessary COVID-19 RT-PCR testing, including testing for symptomatic individuals and testing for individuals with suspected exposure to the virus, such as those who may have tested positive from a rapid test and require a confirmatory RT-PCR test, are reimbursable by your insurance company under Federal law, or, if uninsured, covered in full by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In the event that COVID-19 RT-PCR testing is deemed not medically necessary by your insurer, and your insurer does not cover or reimburse you for the cost of the test, you are responsible for cost of the test and KSL Diagnostics may bill you directly for the cash price, currently $150.

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